Friday, April 11, 2008

9 Years

Look at what my sweet hubby had on the kitchen table when I got up this morning.

Isn't he fantastic?

Thanks for 9 fabulous years, honey.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Can It Be Done?

What do you think? Can I cram 7 weeks of eventful life into one single post? Am I crazy to even try? Well, crazy I can do! Hang on....

Chris' big present from Grandpa. A real life 4 wheeler! Heaven for my boy.

Sister spectator.


Taking it for a spin with Dad.

Emily and I went to see Elmo Live! with Brandie and Lil'Bobby

Bobby chaperoned the field trip to the zoo. He got the two Christophers! Can you tell that they had a LOT of fun? Look at those smiles!

Emmy is 3!!!!!

The whole family (and honorary family) clan in the living room watching the Wii games.


She's not shielding her face from the paparazzi, she's showing us 3 fingers!

Yummy cake face.

Easter Sunday

Bite off the bunny ear.

A huntin' we will go...

Ta Da! Now we're all caught up.