Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Conversations with the Kid

So, the kids, naturally, are very excited about Christmas, Santa in particular. I've tried to downplay that aspect of the holiday and have been reading books and discussing the role that Jesus plays for us as Christians at Christmas-time. In a nutshell, my message has been that God gave us the very best gift of all -- Jesus.

Okay, that's the background. So this morning while we were driving to school, Chris started talking about Santa.

me: "What does Santa do?"

Chris: "Well, God gives him all the presents and he takes them to people and then they are happy."

me: "What's the very best present of all?"
Clearly a test to see if our talks had sunk in. Sneaky Mom in action.

Chris: "Ka-ra-oke!"

me: "What about Jesus?"

Chris: "Hmmm.... I don't know what he wants for Christmas."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Love Thomas Edison

See, Aunt Debi? I told you that would be my title!

So, if anyone was wondering why I hadn't posted pictures of the big ice storm yet, it's because we've been out of power since Sunday night. We finally got it back around noon today and while we're extremely blessed to have family around who didn't lose power, t
here's still nothing like being at home with lights and warmth and internet during a storm.

Here's the photographic evidence as usual:

Our poor little tree. Folklore has it that it's survived a lightning strike already, but this ice split it right down the middle. The grass was covered in solid ice yesterday.

It's really very pretty.

Trees in our neighborhood just down the street. Every yard pretty much looks like this.

The cute tree with little red berries in my in-laws yard was taken out. In a weird case of forshadowing, I took this picture of our Christmas tree the night before the power went out. Creepy.

I'll be out of commission again, for the next several days. My Granny passed away Monday morning after a long battle with ALS. I'll be away for her funeral through Saturday.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Go Fish

My new favorite music group: